Three Classic Style Choices For Your Sliding Wardobe

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Three Classic Style Choices For Your Sliding Wardobe

13 March 2020
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Sliding wardrobes are a very popular design in Australia for a variety of reasons. They take up less floor space due to the lack of a traditional door, they are easy to operate and they can be customised very easily. However, perhaps because they are so easy to customise, many people struggle to come up with an idea of what design to choose. Being spoilt for choice is just as bad as having no direction at all. If you want to install some sliding wardrobes in your home but don't know what to ask for, here are a few ideas.

Hidden Entrance

If you prefer a minimalist design, blending the front panels of your sliding wardrobe into the surrounding walls is a great idea. This works best if the walls of your room have a distinct pattern on them that makes it easy to hide the protruding aspects of the doors of your sliding wardrobe, i.e. wooden panels or fake brick cladding. This will take special customisation, so these sliding wardrobes may take longer to install than simpler projects and you factor this additional time and cost into your plans. But, for those that can pull it off, this seamless design is brilliant and very intuitive. 


It cannot be overstated how practical a mirrored sliding wardrobe can be. The doors take up a lot of real estate on any bedroom wall so it only makes sense to utilise this space. You may worry about doing something that a lot of people have already done, but this design choice is popular for a reason. It's especially beneficial for homes with reduced space, such as apartments and inner-city housing. Additionally, you don't have to have these doors be very plain; there are a lot of trimmings, borders and fun additions you can add to spice up the effect. 

Middle Opening

Having your sliding wardrobe open from the middle is a great twist on a timeless design. It also has several advantages over the normal design, including:

  • Quick access to one section (your shirts, pants, shoes etc)
  • Larger storage space that is more ordered and less likely to fall against the door.
  • And easy way to divide half for yourself and half for your significant other.

However, the reason a lot of people choose this option is that it just looks cooler. There doesn't have to be a better reason than that, does there? If you love the practicality of sliding wardrobes but are sick of the same design then this might be the option for you.