Two tips for setting up a patio that your cat cannot destroy

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Two tips for setting up a patio that your cat cannot destroy

11 June 2020
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Whilst cats can be great company, they can do plenty of damage to the homes they live in. If you're about to set up your new patio and want to ensure your cat will not end up ruining it, you should implement these suggestions.

Look for wicker patio furniture

In this situation, you should consider looking for a few pieces of wicker furniture for your patio. The reason for this is as follows; no matter how luxurious your cat's bed is and how well-made their scratching post is, they will always end up sleeping on and scratching your furniture. The items you put out on your patio will be no exception.

Wicker furniture is ideal in these circumstances, as unlike other outdoor furniture made from wrought iron or wood, it is not entirely smooth or flat. Instead, the twigs are woven in a way that creates a raised and textured surface. This means that when the inevitable happens and your cat playfully attacks it, any scratches caused by their claws will be almost imperceptible unless you lean in very close to the furniture and search for them. Conversely, claw marks on a flat and smooth surface, which readily reflects light, will be noticeable, even from far away.

On a similar note, the hairs your cat leaves behind on the furniture will be harder to see against a textured wicker background. This means that you don't have to rush out and vacuum your patio chairs after every single nap your cat takes on them.

Ensure your cat does not have any means by which they can reach the patio table's umbrella

Many patio tables have integrated umbrellas, which help to keep the sun off people's faces whilst they eat and drink. If your new patio table has this feature, you should ensure that there are no objects around the table that would allow your cat to get onto this umbrella. The reason for this is as follows; cats love to climb and tend to be very good at it. As such, you can safely assume that your pet will attempt to get onto your patio table's umbrella. The problem with this is that if they succeed, they damage the umbrella fabric with their claws and leave holes in it that would allow sunlight to pass through it. Additionally, if the table is fairly light, the weight of your cat leaning on one side of the attached umbrella might make it tip over.

To stop your cat from getting up to this kind of mischief, you should position the table away from any fence that is around your patio and snip off the ends of any tree branches that would otherwise provide your pet with a jumping-off point from which to access the umbrella.