Amazing Benefits of Buying Marble Kitchen Benchtops

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Amazing Benefits of Buying Marble Kitchen Benchtops

10 March 2020
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One of the main dilemmas property owners face when installing fittings in a new kitchen or during renovations is selecting an ideal benchtop. With so many kitchen benchtop materials, making a choice can be difficult. You have to know the different forms of kitchen benchtops the market offers and consider factors such as price, maintenance, heat resistance, durability and so on before making a choice.

Marble kitchen benchtops have become a popular choice amongst most homeowners. This is because they offer a number of benefits over other forms of kitchen benchtops. Below are some of the reasons why marble benchtops are a better choice.

Distinctive look

Have you ever asked yourself why most man-made benchtop materials have a similar design like that of marble? Well, marble is known for its unique appearance. The stone is normally produced from sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock via a natural process. Impurities are usually trapped in the limestone and then transformed into marble due to the earth's heat and pressure, giving it that distinguishing look. In fact, even when you compare the slabs, you'll realise they are unique.

Heat resistance

Another trait you need to look out for when selecting kitchen benchtops is heat resistance. Marble benchtops are heat resistant — it's one of the best qualities this natural stone will offer. If you keep a hot bowl or cooking pot on the countertop, nothing will happen to it since the benchtop is heat resistant. This is the reason marble benchtops are an ideal choice for fireplaces since it can sustain the sparks and won't be affected by the excess heat.


The natural formation of marble makes this stone sturdy. Marble can resist scratches, cracks and sudden breaking compared to other materials. Even the fabrication process cannot interfere with the stone's strength. So when you install marble benchtops, you are sure that they will last for many years.


Whether you are acquiring benchtops for your new kitchen or renovations project, it's crucial to ensure the materials you choose can add value. Marble benchtops will boost your property's value even though they are more costly than their counterparts. This means that you'll earn more when you choose to sell your property. Buyers will do their best to buy from you even if your price is higher. Moreover, you or the new property owners won't need to replace the benchtops over the years unless they simply want to have a different kitchen look.

Speak with a professional who does kitchen renovations to learn more about different benchtop options.