Three Factors To Consider Before Booking Interstate Removal Services

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Three Factors To Consider Before Booking Interstate Removal Services

20 March 2020
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Moving is usually one of the most stressful events in a person's life, so the more forethought that is given to moving house, the less stress you will experience. When it comes to moving interstate within Australia, there are a couple of additional factors which need to be considered, as this journey is a little more complicated than just moving house within the same city or suburb. Here are three factors you must consider before you book your move with an interstate removal service.

Ask About Restrictions

Each state and territory within Australia has its own biosecurity quarantine rules which affect what you can place onto the moving truck when relocating interstate. For example, if you are moving to the Murray River area of Queensland, you are not allowed to take fruiting vegetables or fruit into the area because it is a fruit fly control zone. Talk to your removal service to find out what restrictions apply to the borders you are crossing to your new home. Once you know these restrictions, then you can get rid of any items which you cannot legally take with you.

Be Prepared For Several Days Without Belongings

When you are packing up your belongings for an interstate move, you may experience a period of up to a week without access to your belongings, depending on how far you are moving. Because of this, it is important you carefully consider what possessions you need access to during the time. Medications, important papers, a supply of clean clothing and favourite toys are all examples of items which should be set aside to travel with you rather than on the truck.

Consider The Weather

Because you will not be moving from one house to another on the same day, consider the impact the weather has on your move so that you can pick your clothing accordingly. For example, if you are moving from Tasmania to Queensland in the dead of winter, it is freezing cold in Tasmania when you leave but a much warmer climate in Queensland once you arrive. Plan your clothing choices based on the average temperature at your intended destination so you are not inappropriately dressed while you wait for your other clothing to arrive.

Your local interstate removal service has a myriad of tips to help you accomplish this relocation with a minimum amount of stress, so do not delay asking for their advice if your upcoming move is impacting your stress levels.