Essential Tips for Choosing an Electric Recliner Seat

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Essential Tips for Choosing an Electric Recliner Seat

23 June 2020
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The type of furniture you buy for your living room tells a lot about your personality, taste and preference. High-quality, comfortable couches are aesthetically appealing and welcoming. It is precisely what you get with an electric recliner sofa. The chair reclines back at the touch of a button and is considered the ultimate way of relaxing your body after a long day. That said, there are many brands of recliner chairs in the market today and choosing the right one can be a nightmare. Rather than kiss a thousand frogs to find the right electric recliner, here are vital tips to help you make an informed decision.

Number of Cycles — As the name suggests, electric recliner seats lean back to a relaxing position based on your settings. The mechanism is made possible by two reclining pistons; one is located between a backrest and a seat position and the other is situated between a seat and a leg rest position. Depending on use, the reclining pistons are used significantly throughout a seat's service life. Therefore, constituent components must withstand sustained usage without losing structural integrity. The number of cycles a recliner chair can withstand is usually indicated on the chair's manual. Notably, the higher the number of cycles a reclining piston can handle, the longer a recliner chair lasts and vice-versa.

Single or Dual Motor — Electric recliner chairs come with either a single or dual motor system or whichever you choose is a matter of preference. For instance, a recliner chair with a single motor operates both backrest and leg rest positions as a single unit. Therefore, if you press a hand control unit, a backrest leans back, and at the same time, a leg rest raises. However, a recliner sofa with a dual-motor system operates the two mechanisms independently. It gives you the freedom to recline while raising a leg rest or to recline a backrest and footrest simultaneously. A dual motor system provides a wide range of movement for enhanced comfort.

Degree of Recline — How far back do you want a recliner couch to go? Most new buyers do not bother to ask this because they assume that all electric recliners are built the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth because different brands manufacture recliners with varying capabilities. Some recliners have a 180-degree recline mechanism, which means that they can lean back until the backrest is level with the seat and footrest. However, such a recliner is only ideal in a room with ample space. If you do not have a spacious living room, then go for a recliner seat with a lower degree of recline.

Keep these considerations in mind to find an electric recliner