Follow These Pro Tips to Choose the Ideal Replacement Chair Covers

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Follow These Pro Tips to Choose the Ideal Replacement Chair Covers

23 October 2020
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Some people only consider chair covers to be useful for an event such as a wedding. They are popular for events because they help create a theme and colour scheme for the event. However, it is also possible to have replacement chair covers for the furniture in your home.

If you have messy kids and pets and they keep staining the fabric of your upholstery, getting replacement chair covers will help you in many ways. It will increase the lifepan of your furniture, uphold cleanliness in the home and improve the overall beauty of your interiors. Here are three tips that can help you select the ideal chair covers for your needs.

Choosing the Chair Cover Fabric

Tons of fabrics are available for chair covers. The most popular ones are cotton, silk, linen, canvas and coated outdoor fabric. Quilting cotton is popular because it is soft and light, which makes it easy to wash. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and prints, which makes it ideal for homes with children.

Silk and linen are durable, but they are best for places with adults. Canvas and coated outdoor fabrics are great for areas where moisture poses a problem for the furniture. Consider the location of the furniture and the risks of damage before choosing a material.

Picking the Covers That Match your Décor

The second thing to think about is your general décor scheme. Some colours, prints and materials will work well with your interior décor while others will not. If your home has rustic interiors, choose slip chair covers that have natural and earthy tones such as brown and grey.

If your indoor space has contemporary décor, consider getting vibrant colours. You can try out several colours and see what works out best for your home before deciding on a specific colour.

Choosing a Slip Cover Design

The design of the replacement covers will depend on the design of the chair, how much coverage you want, and your décor choices. If you are covering dinner chairs, you can choose covers that end just below the sitting level of the chair. If you need the legs covered, you can have the fabric stretch all the way down. Try both styles and see what works best for your chairs before deciding.

Replacement chair covers are the ideal way to avoid replacing your furniture because of a stain or tear. Get yours from professional designers for the best quality and reliable services.