Four Fundamental Tips for Maintaining Your Timber Furniture

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Four Fundamental Tips for Maintaining Your Timber Furniture

11 January 2021
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If you are interested in acquiring new furniture for your home, you should opt for timber pieces. Wooden furniture is favourable over alternatives because the material is beautiful and works well in almost all interior spaces. Moreover, timber is highly durable, and good pieces will last for generations. However, you should note that proper care is crucial for great appeal and longevity. Here are some care tips to keep in mind if you decide to acquire timber furniture.

Plan for Cleaning

Improper cleaning will cause the deterioration of your new furniture. In simple terms, timber is resilient, but the material is porous. Therefore, if dust or spills are allowed to settle into the wood, the surfaces will be compromised. For instance, you might notice staining or general discolouration. Therefore, you should be diligent in cleaning your furniture, especially if the surfaces do not have a protective coating. Dust the furniture regularly, and eliminate spills as soon as they occur.

Protect from Sunlight

Natural sunlight is beneficial for brightening up interior spaces. However, direct sunlight can cause significant damage to wooden furniture. Simply speaking, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun has a deleterious effect. For instance, you will notice bleaching and discolouration of the surfaces after prolonged exposure. If you would like to ensure that the furniture retains the original appeal, avoid placing it in front of windows. If you do not mind the fading effect, make sure that the entire piece is exposed to sunlight, to prevent uneven fading.

Limit Moisture

Timber products are vulnerable to moisture damage. If your furniture is exposed to wet or humid conditions, you will notice the degradation. For instance, the material might swell due to the absorption of water. Also, there will be some warping and general deformation of the wood. Therefore, you should protect your furniture from all forms of moisture. It is advisable to plan on using covers for tables, to protect from spills. Also, keep all your pieces from water and other liquids in any form. If a spill does occur, wipe immediately to prevent soaking.

Use Suitable Products

Finally, you should choose the right products for cleaning, polishing and otherwise maintaining the timber furniture. Where possible, it is important to opt for compounds designed for use on wooden surfaces specifically. Avoid any products with harsh chemicals that could bleach or corrode the wood. Also, ensure that the supplies are free of abrasives, which can leave scratches on the surfaces. If you are uncertain about the right care products, consult the manufacturer.