Commonly Ignored Care Tips for Recliner Lift Chairs

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Commonly Ignored Care Tips for Recliner Lift Chairs

23 July 2021
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Electric lift chairs, popularly referred to as sit-to-stand chairs, are a crucial addition to any home with a senior citizen or family member with mobility issues. As the name suggests, an electric recliner lift chair assists users to stand from a seated position with relative ease. Notably, a lift chair comprises an electrical and mechanical system, allowing it to tilt forward and backward. Therefore, for the chair to operate optimally and last longer, proper care is vital. This article highlights commonly ignored lift chair care tips. 

Keep the Remote Control Safe

Unlike regular recliner chairs, lift chairs are operated using a remote control. There is a designated pocket in most lift chair models where users can safely keep the remote control. Using the pocket is crucial to keeping a remote control safe and working correctly. However, it is common to see lift chair remote controls lying on the floor or hanging by the furniture's side. Unfortunately, it increases the risk of stepping on the remote control and damaging it, making a lift chair unusable. Therefore, always store the lift chair remote control in the chair pocket for easy retrieval and safety.

Cover High Friction Surfaces

The fabrics used on most lift sit-to-stand chairs are durable. However, if you use a lift chair as your sole piece of furniture, some parts start to wear out faster than others. The high friction areas include the headrest region, the butt area, and the armrests. If you do not protect such places, they begin to look older and more worn out than the rest of the chair. Thus, it is advisable to cover high friction spots with a piece of cloth to ensure no direct contact with the fabric. Covering such areas also protects the chair from foul odours resulting from body sweat, making cleaning easy.

Wipe Spills Immediately

Most people think that immediately wiping spills from a lift chair is only meant to protect the fabric from staining. It is partly true because liquid spills do not just pose a threat to a lift chair's fabric; they can also affect the performance of the motor and other electric components. Therefore, do not let liquid spills reach a lift chair's folds. If it happens, you need to take the chair apart to determine how far the liquid has trickled and then wipe every part dry. The best approach is to have a piece of cloth nearby when eating or drinking while seated on a lift chair.