3 Things To Consider When Getting A Custom-Made Workplace Desk

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3 Things To Consider When Getting A Custom-Made Workplace Desk

12 September 2022
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There are many reasons to choose a custom-made workspace desk, whether you're replacing an old desk or designing a whole new office. This guide explains three simple things you should decide when ordering a custom desk.

Consider The Shape Of Your Room

The most useful thing about getting a custom desk is that it can be perfectly designed for your office space. If you have a strangely-shaped room and have struggled to find a desk to fit it, this will be particularly helpful. Spend some time measuring your space and working out what desk shape you want. Do you want a corner desk to take advantage of the shape of your room, or would a long desk that spans the whole length of a wall be useful? This really depends on your workflow (for example, you may need space for two monitors or room to write notes on paper) and the space available to you.

Think About Your Choice Of Material

The second thing you should consider is your choice of material. Look at the existing decor in your office, and choose something that would suit it. What do you want your desk to be made of, and what colour do you want? My Domaine has some tips on matching woods, suggesting that you choose a dominant wood tone for a room and stick to it. Therefore, if you already have furniture in that room, you might want to pick something that matches. Alternatively, go for something in bright white or a fun colour for a cheerful look. You could also consider if you want a classic desk made entirely of wood, or pick one with metal parts for a more industrial, contemporary vibe.

Decide What Features You Want

Finally, you should choose what features you want for your custom desk. For example, you may want a desk that can become a standing desk or one with a built-in footrest for your comfort. Perhaps you're looking for one with a sliding tray for your mouse and keyboard, or one with a lot of storage drawers and cabinets to keep your office essentials neat and organised. Alternatively, you might be looking for built-in lights or USB ports, or even a very sleek, minimalist desk to keep your mind focused. Whatever the case, make a list of every feature your ideal desk would have and incorporate as many as possible.

 By thinking about the desk shape, materials and features you want, you can ensure you get your ideal desk and that your experience of buying a custom desk is a positive one.